About the Phoenix

Petaluma Phoenix Mission

  • Provide a safe environment for youth programs, activities and services
  • Encourage youth participation in music, art and performing arts; and
  • Renovate, maintain and preserve the theater building as a venue for youth activities and the community at large

Petaluma Phoenix Vision

Our vision statement describes a reality we are working to create and expect to accomplish by 2007. It addresses our Essence, Program, Partnerships, Community Activities, Building, Finances, and Volunteers & Staff.

Our Essence – A safe and well-managed place for teens

The Phoenix is a well-known, well-managed and self-supporting center for teen programs and activities, with a primary focus on presenting live music and entertainment. The Phoenix provides a safe and law-abiding environment, and is inclusive of all teens, Petaluma and beyond.

Our Program – Empowers youth to participate in a variety of programs

The Phoenix Center is a place where teens are encouraged and empowered to engage in music and performing arts. Our programs create a variety of opportunities for learning and self-expression. The Phoenix is truly unique because it is the only local stage available for young performers to use for practice. Rehearsals and concerts by teen musicians are at the core of Phoenix performances, but the programs extend to theater, dance and even poetry readings. By engaging teens in program planning and implementation, the Phoenix provides hands-on experience in concert management and production. Teens also acquire valuable vocational experience in the arts of music and video production at the in-house recording facilities. These behind-the-scenes activities engage many youth in the performing arts that otherwise might participate only as spectators. Other vital activities include after school peer counseling, tutoring and community service projects. The Phoenix programs are the result of a collaborative effort between a teen “program committee” and adult program directors. Because teens participate in the selection, design, content and implementation of these programs, they feel a true sense of “ownership”of the Phoenix. Adult supervision is always provided, but it never defeats or stifles the sense of dominion the teens feel for the Phoenix.

Our Partnerships – Strong community relationships that enhance programming

The Phoenix has ongoing partnerships with local businesses and agencies to provide additional skill based programs for youth and foster expanding community relationships.

Our Community Activities – A community resource

The Phoenix is a resource for a variety of other community activities and is made available to other groups so long as teen programs do not suffer. In deciding to allow other groups to use the Phoenix, priority is given to programs that benefit youth, then to other non-profits.

Our Building – An appealing venue

The Phoenix exterior has been refurbished to complement other buildings in the Petaluma Downtown area. The interior has been extensively remodeled to support a wide variety of teen and community programs, with architectural components that make it unique as not just a “teen center”in the traditional sense but as a “teen art center”.

Our Finances – A self-supporting community agency

The Phoenix has achieved a high level of self-sufficiency for its core programming. Ancillary programming is supported through local and regional grants and individual contributions.

Our Volunteers & Staff – A valued community asset

The Phoenix has a dedicated, skilled Board of Directors with teen representation, as well as special committees, such as operations and community relations. Paid staff, and a large volunteer corps of teens and adults manage daily operations. The Phoenix enjoys broad-based community goodwill and is an important asset in maintaining a healthy community in the greater Petaluma area.