Tom Gaffey

Founder & Theater Manager

Tom has lived in Petaluma and worked at what is now the Phoenix Theater for 28 years. He started learning theater management skills in the 7th grade when the building was the Showcase movie theater. After seven years in a combination of real estate sales and film theater services, Tom became full time manager of the Phoenix in 1983, which had evolved into a social center and meeting place for local area youth. Since that time he has aimed the Phoenix programming to that audience. In 1987, Tom began leasing the theater as a live music venue and de facto teen center.

Cheryl Negrin

Volunteer FNP/PA/MSN/PHN, Teen Health Clinic

Cheryl Negrin has been involved in women’s health services and family practice services since 1968. She started at the Haight Free Clinic in San Francisco, volunteering as a reproductive health and drug abuse counselor. She also volunteered at Planned Parenthood in a similar capacity. Cheryl was one of the founders of the Petaluma Free Clinic and continued to coordinate it for 10 years. After the Petaluma Free Clinic closed in 2002, Cheryl opened the Phoenix Teen Clinic to fill the community’s need. She is a family nurse practitioner, a physician’s assistant, has a masters of science in nursing, and is a certified public health nurse. She is the volunteer director of the Phoenix Teen Clinic and mentors teens to operate the clinic as health care workers and reproductive health educators. Cheryl is the Mother of four teenage girls.

Ian DuBois

Production/Sound Consultant
Sound Engineering Mentoring Program

By 1990 Ian was one of the kids frequenting the Phoenix Theater. After befriending local favorite, The Conspiracy, in 1994 he was mixing the sound for all of the shows. In 1996 Ian replaced the previous house sound and lights equipment with a more up to date standard at his own expense. As a result of humble beginnings at the Phoenix, Ian now works for a national sound rental company and bands such as Tracy Chapman, The Irish Tenors, and The Dead. This ever growing knowledge is brought back to the theater and passed on to new generations of theater techies picked from today’s generation of Phoenix Family.