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From Hell

Energy Alchemist

Sat, December 15, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:30 pm)


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Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, The 01experience is a multi-dimensional musical act, art show, ritual and transformational experience. We play music with hard rock, metal, jazz and classical influences. The subject of our music and performance is Alchemy, the ancient esoteric art of transformation. A corresponding story, "The Investigations of Will and Faith" brings it all into context.

A live multimedia performance takes the concert goer on a symbolic quest for cultural transformation. A live ritual opens the door to personal transformation.

There is nothing else like The 01experience.

Vocals, Akai EWI / Melissa Mari
Guitars, Bass / Colin E. Davis
Drums / Carter Kennedy
Electronics / EO
From Hell
From Hell
FROM HELL is a heavy metal horror concept band in which each recording is intended to be its own horror story. The first one called “Ascent From Hell”, is about a corpse that wakes up in Hell and finds out he must go back to earth to find his soul that still lives on inside the body of a priest and drag it back to Hell.

For this first recording, metal icons Paul Bostaph from Slayer on drums, Steve Smyth from Nevermore on lead guitar and Damien Sisson from Death Angel on bass were recruited to make this record happen. This recording is diabolically epic, and heavy as Hell! Every song is different from the next covering many genres of metal from thrash metal and black metal to death metal and doom metal. This album is as dynamic as metal can be! Also participating in this recording is Phil Bennett of the iconic rock band Starship, playing piano on the track Dead Reckoning and a 22-piece choir, The Pacific Mozart Ensemble on four other tracks. Establishing new ground, this record has the first recorded blast beat by Paul Bostaph, orchestrated with shredding guitar solos from Steve Smyth and heavy melodic & syncopated bass by Damien Sisson.

Produced by George Anderson and Steve “Snake” Green, guitar player from Skinlab, a Century Media recording artist, this recording is a theatrical 70 minutes long with segues in between each song to give additional detail to this horror story. Once the music starts, it never stops until the end.

Band Members-

George Anderson, as Sinn – Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Paul Bostaph – Drums
Steve Smyth – Lead Guitar
Damien Sisson – Bass Guitar

George Anderson aka Aleister Sinn – The narrator and character in “Ascent From Hell”. Sinn is The God of Hell, God of Night, and God of the Living Dead. He was created to tell these heavy metal horror stories, influenced by the mighty King Diamond. Prior to this project, George was the vocalist and lead guitar player for the Oakland based thrash band, Down Factor. Performing on two releases, Pure (2003) and Murder the World (2005).

Paul Bostaph, legendary icon of thrash metal, has played for Slayer, Testament, Exodus and Forbidden and toured the world over influencing metal bands and drummers in every country. Bostaph joined Slayer in early 1992 and toured and recorded with them for almost a decade.

Most notable is his drumming on 'Judgment Night' soundtrack with Ice T, Divine Intervention (1993), Undisputed Attitude (1995), Diabolus In Musica (1997) and Grammy nominated ‘God Hates Us All’ (2001) in addition to these recordings, Paul also recorded Exodus’ Shovel Headed Kill Machine and Testament’s ‘The Formation of Damnation’.

Damien Sission plays bass for old-school thrashers, Death Angel and Potential Threat. He joined Death Angel in November 2009 and recorded their 6th album, Relentless Retribution and The Dream Calls for Blood (2013). He has performed in over 30 countries, toured and played alongside other great bands such as Testament, Metallica, Anthrax and Sepultura. He continues to play and record with Death Angel and Potential Threat. Damien has also played bass for Exhumed and Scarecrow.

Steve Smyth, metal guitar shred master, has played and recorded guitar for legendary acts Forbidden, Nevermore, Testament, Dragonlord and Vicious Rumors. He has signed with many labels and toured in just about every country. He has also performed voice-overs for Metalocalypse and has signature B.C. Rich 6 and 7-string Guitars. Steve continues to record and write for his new band One Machine and The Esseness Project.
Energy Alchemist
Energy Alchemist
Up in the secluded hills of Mendocino County, magic is taking place. Four intrepid musicmakers spend their days and nights concocting a mix of industrial, tribal, psychedelic, glitchy dubstep, mid-tempo and ambient beats, filtering them through their instrumentalist minds. The result? Alchemy. Complex rhythms, fat basslines, and intricate melodies meld electronic and organic together into musical gold—creating a higher-level vibration out of base (bass) materials and higher-level awareness out of raw human energy.

For Energy Alchemist's debut 11 track LP, Bill has teamed up with contributors Tommy Shannon, Jared Gordon, Top Shelf, Selector Science, Kiran Notez, and Dove from Black Rock City Allstars to take you on a sonic journey like no other. Close your eyes, open your mind, and watch the alchemy take place.

A new album featuring the new full live band that is Energy Alchemist "Ghost in the Machine" is currently in production and is due to be released in 2016. Stay Tuned!
Venue Information:
The Phoenix Theater
201 Washington St
Petaluma, CA, 94952