Phoenix Open Door

The Phoenix Theater is open seven days a week, from 3pm to 7pm*, for drop-in “unstructured” use. Our building interior is large and soulful, with several rooms to accommodate a variety of activities. On a typical afternoon, you’ll find kids playing acoustic music (we’ve got two pianos and a big stage), skateboarding (across the large wooden floor and up one of four quarter-pipe ramps), doing homework in the tutoring room, or sitting in one of the overstuffed sofas: reading, talking with friends, or napping. There’s always a staff member onsite, but the atmosphere is casual. This place belongs to the kids. (*These hours may be extended during the summer vacation months.)

Phoenix School of Music

For more information, visit the Phoenix School of Music webpage

Free lessons, workshops, jam sessions, and classes: from rock to blues to jazz to folk to recording, podcasting, band management and promoting – it’s all free! Inquire within!

Phoenix Teen Health Clinic

For more information, visit the Phoenix Teen Health Clinic website

Drop in Visits:
Thursdays 3:30–5:30 PM

Volunteer Program & Clinic Director Cheryl Negrin, FNP/PA/MSN/PHN

The mission of the Phoenix Teen Clinic is to provide education, literature, and free or low cost services for various adolescent issues, including reproductive health and sexually transmitted infections, in an environment that is relaxed and teen friendly. The Teen Clinic fosters an open dialogue on issues facing teens today and encourage teens to make conscious, more informed decisions and choices regarding their health. The Teen Clinic seeks to form community partnerships to provide a wide range of services to teens. It is the only clinic exclusively serving teens in Petaluma since the closure of the public health clinic in 1994.

Art & Culture

  • Programs engaging our young artists in the professional art world through mentoring relationships with artists, art shows at the Phoenix and local galleries, and community public art projects
  • After school art and culture programs, including spoken word, “Art to Empire” (entrepreneurial skills for artists) and more.
  • Over a thousand square feet of indoor and outdoor mural space where dozens of young artists develop their skill and refine their style

On the Job Mentoring Program

The Phoenix Theater has run on teen power for the last 20 years. All of the jobs involving show production, sound, stage lighting, area supervision during shows, street supervision during shows, door and ticket taking, janitorial service before and after each show, are performed by teens and young adults who are being mentored by the Theater Manager. Teens are constantly being trained to fill different positions as older teens move on. This part of the Phoenix has functioned as an informal mentoring program. To find out more, see Tom Gaffey, Phoenix Theater Manager.

Other Programs

Occassionally the Phoenix Center will sponsor other programs, including group excursions and community service projects. We’ll announce them at the theater, to our email list, and here on our website.