Health Clinic

The clinic is open every Thursday from 3:30 – 5:30PM.

Volunteer Program & Clinic Director:

Cheryl Negrin, FNP/PA/MSN/PHN see bio

The mission of the Phoenix Teen Health Clinic is to provide education, literature, and free or low cost services for various adolescent issues, including reproductive health and sexually transmitted infections, in an environment that is relaxed and teen friendly. The Teen Health Clinic fosters an open dialogue on issues facing teens today and encourage teens to make conscious, more informed decisions and choices regarding their health. The Teen Health Clinic seeks to form community partnerships to provide a wide range of services to teens. It is the only clinic exclusively serving teens in Petaluma since the closure of the public health clinic in 1994.

The Clinic is open for drop-in visits (no appointment required) on Thursdays, from 3:30 to 6:00 PM. Services are free and anonymous.

The Phoenix Theater is a well used and trusted gathering place for the young people of Sonoma County. Youths come to the Phoenix daily to skateboard, play music, receive tutoring, or just to hang out and socialize with one another. It is the natural setting for a teen health clinic, convenient and familiar. Most of the teen clinic clients are teens lacking health insurance.

The Teen Health Clinic is currently open one afternoon a week staffed by a volunteer nurse practitionerand one volunteer health worker trainee, a mentored teen. In an average afternoon the clinic sees ten clients. Teen healthcare volunteers are trained to support their peers and make them feel more comfortable in the clinic. The volunteers are mentored and encouraged through hands on experience to pursue formal careers in the healthcare field. All labs are paid for through the Office of Family planning (FAMPAC). Women’s Health Specialists Satellites supports the teen clinic by donating supplies.

Special Services offered:

  • Testing for and treating sexually transmitted infections
  • HIV education and testing
  • Hepatitis C Education and testing
  • Health related referrals
  • Well women’s exams, including PAP smears
  • Urinary tract infection treatment
  • Teen focused education materials on health related topics such as drug abuse, teen suicide, smoking cessation, isolation, date rape, bullying, gangs and self mutilation, anxiety, sleep disorders, stress, depression, eating disorders
  • Education on risky behaviors for STI’s
  • Birth control Education

Cheryl’s contact info:

If you have any questions at all regarding our FREE TEEN HEALTH CLINIC, please contact Cheryl at:

Phone: (707) 484-9866